Gin River

Produced by three young entrepreneurs  in their thirties, the two London Dry Gins are linked and inspired by Italian traditions.

The idea behind the two Gin Rivers comes from the text of an old letter written by a soldier during the WWI, found along the river Piave. The letter tells of the friendship that arose  between two Italian soldiers in the trenches who came from opposite parts of Italy: a southerner who lived by the Mediterranean Sea and a northerner who hailed from the Alps.

The latter wrote to tell his mother about his new friendship. He recounted the amazing similarity between his family's traditionally brewed distillate and that of his northern comrade's family.

So, despite their geographical remoteness from each other their shared recipes created a bond between the two soldiers that took them back to comforting embrace of family, friends and good times during the long and exhausting days of war.  Camped along the river Piave, which has played a significant role in Italian history, both found themselves closer than they would have ever thought. For even though the river colloquially serves as a line of demarcation between two worlds, North and South, on its banks these men were joined in friendship and camaraderie.

Through Gin River North and Gin River South, the company wants to celebrate the differences and the harmony of its beautiful country: Italy. Different notes which encapsulate a common history of bravery and friendship!

Gin River is more than a simple gin, is our legacy!